The Role of Parenting on Children’s Education – Ethio-Parents School Presentation

Ethio-Parents, a community school in Addis Ababa, organized a workshop on May 31, 2014 to discuss the role of parents on their children’s education. Dr. Emebet Mulugeta made a presentation entitled ‘The Role of Parenting on Children’s Education’.  Parents, teachers, and various school administrators were in attendance.

Dr. Emebet stated that one of the aspects of parenting is preparing children to become successful adults, and that meeting the basic physical needs of children, educating them, and transmitting cultural values are all necessary prerequisites in this effort.

She mentioned that both parents and schools are major influencers in the child’s learning process. In the years prior to the children’s school attendance, parents play a major role in preparing their children for school through the learning environment they create for the child.  A conducive learning environment in earlier years often results in children who have positive attitudes towards learning and a high level of attainment when they join school.

Once children are in school, it is important to monitor both their home and school activities, she explained.  Examples of parental monitoring at home include allocating time for homework; limiting time spent watching television, and discussing children’s daily experiences at school.  Parents can also be involved in their children’s education by participating in school events; attending parent-teacher conferences or volunteering for school activities. To make this a successful interaction, however, Dr. Emebet stated that school’s would also have to intently organize events and interactive platforms through which parents can gain a better understanding of their children’s learning and serve as a supportive tool to their child, the school, and the community at large. CLICK HERE FOR A COPY OF THE POWER POINT PRESENTATION.